Saturday, July 2, 2016

Books Read In The Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with a #
Books are listed by author (or series creator),
 and not necessarily in the order read.

 "Mother Angelica's Private
and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures" #
introduced and edited by Raymond Arroyo
reserved for Sunday

"King Of The Seventh Grade"
by Barbara Cohen
[children's fiction, Jewish (Conservative)]

"The Fairy Of The Snows" #
by Fr. Francis J. Finn, S.J.
[children's fiction]
(free online book)
reserved for Sunday

"Dear Pen-Pal"
by Heather Vogel Frederick
[children's/YA fiction, Mother-Daughter Book Club series.]
(Kindle books)

"A Place Of My Own" 
"A Pocket In My Heart"
"The Fairy Tale Friend"
"Sunflower Girl"
by Marcia Hoehne
[children's fiction, Christian, (Protestant, denomination not specified), Jenna V. series.]

"Betsy Was A Junior" 
by Maud Hart Lovelace
[YA fiction]

"Every Day Is A Gift
Minute Meditations for Every Day
Taken From the Holy Bible
and the Writings of the Saints"
Introduction by Rev. Frederick Schroeder 
 daily devotional reading for 2016

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