Friday, May 6, 2016

Liturgy Of The Hours: IBreviary or Books?

IBreviary is a wonderful resource, easy to use,and a great money-saver, so it will never be removed from this blog. 
I, however, prefer to use a physical copy of the Liturgy Of The Hours, for the following reasons:

1: Sometimes there is a power failure, and I can't use the computer, but I can always use the books, with a flashlight if need be.

The next two reasons involve my cat, Winky.

2: Sometimes Winky will be taking a nap on the computer chair.

3: Sometimes, when I used to pray the LOTH using IBreviary, Winky would get between me and the computer screen.

4: But the main reason is that I find that I concentrate better, pray better, with my eyes on the book rather than on the screen.

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