Saturday, May 14, 2016

Clothes Shopping

I don't think I've ever blogged about clothes and clothes shopping before.   So now I'm going to blog about it.
To me, the most important question when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy an article of clothing is do I like it? If I like something, I'll wear it, whether it is the latest style, or completely unfashionable.  Of course, these days just about anything goes! One can develop a personal style.
Next: Is it modest, or would I be ashamed to have my Guardian Angel see me in it?
If it isn't modest, can it be worn OVER something that IS modest? Quite often, the answer is "yes."
Can I afford it?  I usually can, because I get my clothes second-hand. I have several reasons for this.  Yes, my budget has a great deal to do with it, but there are other considerations as well.  For one thing, it is better for the environment.  For another, I don't have to worry about where the item was manufactured.
 There used to be a stigma attached to buying and wearing second-hand clothes; thank God that's no longer the case! Now, one can sing with confidence:
"I'm wearing second hand clothes, second hand clothes."

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