Saturday, February 13, 2016

Books Read In The Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with a #
Books are listed by author (or series creator),
 and not necessarily in the order read.

 "Summa Theologica"
by St. Thomas Aquinas
long-term Catholic studies
(Kindle book) 

"Apples, Ripe and Rosy, Sir"
by Mary Catherine Crowley 
[short stories for children]
 reserved for Sunday
(Free Kindle book)

"Longer Flight
A Family Grows Up With Books"
by Annis Duff

"Chrysanthemum" #
  by Kevin Henkes

[picture book]
( loan)

by Leota Harris Keir
[children's fiction, Jewish (Conservative) themes]

"Me Me Me Me Me: Not A Novel"
by M. E. Kerr
[YA autobiography] 

 "Son Of Interflux"
by Gordon Korman
[YA fiction]

"grace notes"
"love, annie" 
"just jazz"
by Dandi Daley Mackall
[children's/YA fiction, Christian (Protestant), Blog On! series) ]
(Google Books, replacing copies lost when I moved.)

 "Smiling Hill Farm" #
by Miriam E. Mason
[children's fiction, historical] 

"Mary Ellis, Student Nurse"
by Hope Newell 
[children's/YA fiction, African-Americans]
( loan)

"Every Day Is A Gift
Minute Meditations for Every Day
Taken From the Holy Bible
and the Writings of the Saints"
Introduction by Rev. Frederick Schroeder 
 daily devotional reading for 2016


"Pink Slippers, Bat Mitzvah Blues"
by Ferida Wolff
[children's fiction, Jewish]

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