Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Different Kind of Lent

I've decided to observe Lent a bit differently this year.
For one thing, instead of giving up a lot of things, I've narrowed
this year's list down to three items, two of which I've never given up before.

1: Chocolate (that's a given, or should I say a given give-up?)
2: Coffee (that one will NOT be easy; I'll have to have strong tea
in the morning instead.)

3: Peanut butter  (I've been eating quite a bit of it lately.)

So that's my give-up list for this Lent.

Now for my special challenge:
This Lent, I'm going to read the entire Bible from cover to cover.  This will
be in addition to the passages from the Psalms and the Book of Proverbs that
I read every morning, and the short Gospel I read every night.  (If the same passage shows up twice in one day, I will NOT re-read it.)

This won't be easy.  It will mean less time on the computer, and, well, let me
put it this way:  My weekly book lists may be shorter than usual.

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