Friday, November 27, 2015

A New Post About a Hat, With Excerpts From An Older Post

Awhile back, I blogged about a hat I used to have, one that  "I  owned for years, and got a great deal of use and enjoyment out of.It was a blue felt shapeable hat....very shapeable.  And I shaped it in every possible way.  I also liked to use different accessories on my hat.  Sometimes it would be one of several pins I had. Sometimes it would be a scarf, with the ends tied into a bow.
I had that hat for more than ten years, not unlike the hat Miss Opal wore in Lenora Mattingly Weber's Beany and the Beckoning Road.
"Her black hat had seen years of service.  It was only the flowers, Beany realized, which blossomed anew on it every spring.  This spring Miss Opal had chosen pink, yellow, and blue daisies."
 Well, after I read that , "[I]s it any wonder that I began to miss my hat, which also saw "years of service," more than I did before?   Is it any wonder that I decided it was time to get a replacement?"
Well, yesterday I found a hat EXACTLY like the one I lost, NOT like the one I ordered several months ago, about which, the less said, the better!
Click here to see the hat.  Yes, I ordered it.  And since it is Prime eligible, I won't have to wait a month to get it; I'll have it on Monday.

"I'm going to wear it, instead of a prayer veil, when I watch the Mass on EWTN... and perhaps when I just feel like wearing it!
But am I giving up on veils? No; I will still wear a veil when I pray the Liturgy of the Hours."

I wrote in the earlier post, "Was it necessary for me to buy the hat, and the sticker.  No, and I realized that before I placed my order.   Every now and then it is good to make a completely frivolous purchase... provided, of course, that it is something you can afford, and something you really want."
I still feel that way.

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