Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Post One Of Two on A Book About Clubs

I recently borrowed "Ladies, Please Come To Order," by Peggy Cameron King, (published in 1968) from It won't be on my book list, however, because I don't intend to finish it.  I found certain parts too annoying.
This paragraph in the chapter called "A Very Select Membership"  especially irritated me. (My responses, which I wish I could have made directly to the author, are in blue.
"Girls who are in poor health you can class as bad risks just as insurance companies do. They always use the excuse "I'm under the doctor's care" to get out of any little demands you may make of them, 
 They are not making excuses; they are stating a fact.   Many of them are glad to do what they can, and those who can't exert themselves too much physically may come up with some excellent ideas that the more able-bodied members can carry out. Besides, there are many clubs whose members just meet to talk about a chosen subject.
and no matter what the menu is, it doesn't agree with them. 
 Is it that difficult to provide something they can eat? 
 Perhaps you should admit a few as a humanitarian gesture
So the able-bodied members can feel good about themselves?
 although I can't think of any good reason for exposing the club to their ailments."
Poor health isn't always contagious. 

I also wish that I could ask the author if she even thought about how her unkind her statements sound,  and how they might make someone in poor health feel.  Perhaps, though, she didn't mean to be unkind; she may simply have been trying to be funny.   If so, she laid an egg as far as I'm concerned.

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