Monday, September 14, 2015

I've Always Felt that Something was Missing

I recently re-read "Do You Call That A Dream Date?" by Mary Anderson

Briefly, it's about a girl named Jennifer who plagiarizes, with some slight changes, an essay written by her older sister in order to win a "dream date" with a celebrity.
She wins, and has her "dream date," which, in fact seems more like a dream than reality to her.

And then she is exposed, and has to apologize in assembly.

Now, I've always felt a bit cheated when it comes to this book.   There seems to be something missing.

Shouldn't the girl whose essay was judged second-best.... the girl who should have won the contest... have at least received some recognition?

So I asked myself, "What if, when I was a teenager, I lost out on a chance to spend an
evening with one of my favorite singers because someone else cheated?  How would I have felt
when I learned the truth?"

I came to these conclusions:

1: The writer in me would have been darn proud of having WRITTEN the best essay.

2: The teenage fan in me would have been, to use a cliche, madder than a wet hen.

As for the READER in me, she would have liked to see a confrontation between Jennifer and the
girl who SHOULD HAVE won.

And as a fanfic writer, well, someday, maybe....

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