Saturday, September 19, 2015

For Once, A Negative Post About Clubs

I usually write positive posts about clubs, but this one is different.  It's about some of the negative
aspects of clubs and club membership.  In other words, it's about the some of the wrong reasons
for forming or joining a club.
Years ago, when I was a young teenager and The Monkees were popular, someone sent a letter to
one of the many teen magazines out there and wrote that she and her friends had formed a Monkee
Haters Unfan Club.
I thought that this was terrible.  If they didn't like The Monkees, they didn't have to watch their tv show or buy their records, but forming an unfan club... sad.  And even sadder that the magazine would print that letter.
Then there are what I call gang-up clubs. A gang-up club is one that a group of kids forms in order
to pick on ONE kid, quite often one they are mad at for some reason or other.   Such a club might also
be called a REVENGE club.  The worst part is that the target is usually a former friend.
[The Spy Catcher Club in Louise Fitzhugh's "Harriet the Spy" comes to mind!]

Then there are those who join a club, usually an online club, simply to cause trouble, to attack
the other members.  These people are known as TROLLS.  I've had to deal with them from
time to time in my old groups on Yahoo. I have NOT had any problems with trolls in my
 Share-Care-Prayer Club.

And yes, The Share-Care-Prayer Club is going strong after more than a year... so this post ends on a POSITIVE note.