Saturday, August 1, 2015

More About My Break-Off Collection

Quite some time ago, a knob came my dresser (which was Mom's
dresser before we moved.)  I set it aside until I decided whether
or not to add to to my collection. 

Today, I finally made the decision.  It is now in the drawer which houses the collection... and which happens to be one of the drawers in that dresser!
Eventually, however, my collection will no longer be kept in a drawer.

I plan to start saving the plastic trays from the Chinese take-out place,
washing and rinsing and drying them very carefully, and transferring the collection to those trays (which will then be designated as display 
I'm also going to separate the items in my collection, as follows:
Heavy objects of various sizes
(Example: the drawer-knob added today.)
Larger light objects
(Example: The eye-glass frame handle added in December of 2012)
Smaller light objects
(Example: The Blowfish zipper pull, the item that started it all!)

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