Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Book I Never Finished

Less than a year after I joined the Church, I borrowed a book
called Saint-watching, written by Phyllis McGinley, from the public library.  I've just borrowed it again, this time from, but, once again, I shall NOT be reading this book in its entirety.  I only want to quote a certain passage
accurately.  This book won't appear on my weekly reading list!
I remember being interested in the book, until I came to these
words on page 21:
"Then, as if to display the broad spectrum of sanctity, there are ignorant or clumsy-minded saints like prattling Theresa of Lisieux."
Ignorant? Clumsy-minded?  Actually, she was a subtle genius when it came to spiritual matters. 
I slammed the book shut, and did not read any more, nor have I ever read any other of Phyllis McGinley's works.  Perhaps I've
been missing out; I did enjoy her style until I came to her words
about my Patron Saint!
It may very well be time for me to give this writer another chance, to read one of her books. It won't, however, be a
book about the saints!

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