Friday, April 3, 2015

Writing Fan Fiction on Good Friday

I've just faced a rather ironic dilemma.   After weeks of struggling to get some new fan fiction
written, an idea for a new chapter came to me.  I had a decision to make, and I can only pray that
it was the right one.
Please bear in mind that I am a Catholic, and a writer.  I am a writer, and a Catholic.  I believe that
writing is a gift God has given to me.
So.... should I use the gift today?  In order to answer that, I needed to ask myself whether I would
write fan fiction on Sunday.  I decided that the answer is yes, especially if I've been struggling to
get a new chapter written.
The chapter in question has now been written, and posted.  Written, because I didn't want to lose it.
Posted, because to wait would have been to give the false impression that I waited until tomorrow
to write it.