Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Internet Giving

One of my favorite books is "Try Giving Yourself Away," by the late David Dunn.  The author expanded the book twice; the third edition had twelve more chapters than the first.
I really wish that somebody, perhaps one of David Dunn's descendants, would write a new edition, incorporating ways of self-giving on the Internet.

I can think of a few ways myself.

1: Typing a kind, encouraging response to someone who posts about a problem he or she is having.  The words "You are in my prayers" can be very encouraging.

2: Speaking up for, and saying a few kind words to, someone who is being attacked online. 

3: Sharing/Retweeting good posts/Tweets.

4: Sharing links to good websites.

5: Being kind in an unseen way by not pointing out somebody's mistakes in grammar and/or spelling.

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