Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm SO Glad I Can Read This Online!

 Did the word "Glad" in the title make you think I was talking about one of the "Pollyanna" books?

"Love and Knishes
An Irrepressible Guide to Jewish Cooking
New Revised Edition"
by Sara Kasdan
[nonfiction, Jewish]
This book was a favorite of mine for years in the original
edition.  Even without the recipes, the anecdotes are worth
the price of the book.
[Excerpt from my "Books Read In The Past Week" post from July 13th, 2013]

This is another book lost when I moved; I've been able to replace some of them, and will replace others in the future.   There are, however, some books  I've had to consider, for now, as "gone but not forgotten," either because they are no longer available, or because they are no longer affordable.  [I say "for now" because they could very well become available and affordable.]  
"Affordable," of course, means different things to different people.

Okay, I've gone off on a tangent. [I think tangents are fun!]  

I hope to replace the new, revised edition someday, but meanwhile I've borrowed the original from
Thank God for books that I can read for free online!

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