Saturday, May 24, 2014

At Last, A Club that Actually WORKS!

I've learned a few things about forming an online club through trial and error.  Mostly, I must admit, through error!
One mistake was in trying to have the same club in different places.
Another was in starting a club, or group, on a host that kept asking for my mobile phone number when I tried to log back
in.  I do not have a mobile phone, because the circumstances of my life make it unnecessary.  Or, to put it in a less pompous, high-falutin' way, I just plain don't need one.
And perhaps the biggest mistake of all was when I tried to change this blog into a club, with a clubhouse.  That, too, did 
not work, so I've changed it back into just a blog. I have, however, kept some of the "rooms," so it wasn't a total waste
of time.
So, finally, I went to this Catholic social network, which I'd actually discovered more than a year ago on "Life on the Rock",
and which I already belonged to, and I became ACTIVE.  I joined several groups, and I also started one, which I've named
The Share-Care-Prayer Club.  And, thank God, this club is actually ACTIVE!!!

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