Sunday, November 6, 2011

Father "Meow"

Yes, this is a bit silly, but I sometimes think of EWTN's Fr. Mark Mary as "Fr. Meow." Of course, my cat, Winky, has something to do with it. Did I say "something"? Make that everything! You see, every now and then, Winky has meowed at Fr. Mark. What's really funny is that Fr. Mark is the only priest Winky meows at!
The first time was while I was watching "The Roamin' Catholic". It happened to be the episode about Vocations. Well, all of a sudden, there was Fr. Mark! Winky, who was on the couch with
me, looked at the tv and gave a surprised "Meow?"
From time to time since then, Winky has meowed at Fr. Mark during the Mass! One morning,  however,  Winky did more that just meow.
It was the Feast of St. Mark, and  Fr. Mark, in his homily, mentioned the word "chicken."
Winky jumped off the couch, went over to the tv, stood on his hind legs, put his front paws
on the tv, and said, "Meow!"
Then he went to his dish, which was on the windowsill, and ate some of his canned food, which
just happened to be.... you guessed it!

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Barbara Schoeneberger said...

Animals are so cute. I've enjoyed the funny things our pets have done. It's so good to have laughs over their behavior.