Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spiritual Communion

Not far from my house is a bakery, and when the wind is right,
I catch the scent of cookies when I am sitting on my porch. I sniff the air, the better to enjoy the smell. And I do take great pleasure in the scent of cookies, the spicy, sweet, buttery, vanilla-y scent. Yet with the pleasure is also the desire. I don't want to merely smell
those cookies. I want to eat at least a few of them!
This can, in a way, be compared to Spiritual Communion. I get great joy from an Act of Spiritual Communion, yet each Spiritual Communion makes me long to receive the Body of Our Lord.
The difference between smelling cookies and making an Act of Spiritual Communion is that
my body gains nothing by smelling cookies, but my soul gains much with each Spiritual Communion.

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