Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Camp and "All-Of-A-Kind Family"

Some of my best memories of summer camp, in 1967, are of unscheduled events. This, perhaps, is my best memory:
There was a row of three senior girls' bunks. A girl from one of the bunks had a little electric teapot. Every afternoon, at rest period, we would relax on the lawn in front of the bunks, sipping tea (those of us who had parental permission to drink coffee were, by implication, allowed to drink tea) and reading aloud by turns.
One book, which turned out to be everyone's favorite, was Sydney Taylor's "All-Of-A-Kind Family".
Oh, how I empathized with Sarah when her library book was lost! How I envied the girls for the game their Mama made up (hunting for buttons) to make dusting fun. (But I should admit that I never had to dust when I was a kid.)
I could almost taste the broken crackers and the candy which Charlotte and Gertie secretly
ate in bed one night.
Of course, I also loved the Jewish themes in the book, the Sabbath and the holidays.
I'm sure that I wasn't the only girl who went to her local library after coming home from
camp, and took out "More All-Of-A-Kind Family" and "All-Of-A-Kind Family Uptown".

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RAnn said...

Thanks for joining us with Sunday Snippets--a Catholic Carnival, and thanks for bringing back memories of those wonderful books.