Monday, September 15, 2014

Kanye West Incident (with link to an old blog post)

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I very, very seldom comment on the behavior of celebrities, but this time I have to say something.  Actually, a few things.

Whether or not a concert-goer is disabled, he or she is not obligated to stand up and dance.  Some people really don't
enjoy dancing at concerts.  They'd rather just sit back and
enjoy the performance, and that is their right.  Paying for
their tickets GAVE them that right.

I also feel disturbed and angered by the fact that members of the audience started chanting "Stand up! Stand up!" and booed
those who remained seated.  In a strange way, it reminded me
of this incident in my own life.

Perhaps I am basing my reaction to the Kanye West incident, at least in part, on what happened to me.  But, putting things into perspective, I can see that what Kanye did was so much worse.  The people on the bus thought that I should give the lady my seat; they did not believe that I was disabled. If I did not know about hidden disabilities, I may... no, I probably would... have reacted the way they did.

So why do I say that what Kanye did was so much worse?
Simple. When people come to see you perform, you do not
hassle them, you do not heckle them, you do not harrass them,
you do not humiliate them.
These people came to SEE the show, not BE the show.

If I could say anything to Kanye West, it would be, "Apologize... and mean it."

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