Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Bible That Is Falling Apart

There is a saying: "A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't."
I think that whoever came up with that saying was wise to include the word usually.
There are some people who, although they possess a well-worn
Bible, are still falling apart.  (Please do not think that I am judging them; I myself came very close to falling apart years
ago during a time I will not blog about.)
Someone might have an old, worn, falling-apart, inherited Bible that stays on a shelf, unread.  In fact, all the Bibles he or she owns go unread.  Perhaps that person isn't actually falling apart,
but he or she is, in my opinion, missing out on a great deal of consolation and strengthening.
On the other hand, some people who constantly read the Bible are still falling apart; they see only the admonitions and the passages about sin, and Hell, and so they despair.
But much more often, thank God, a Bible that is falling apart does belong to someone who isn't.

I'll end this post by saying,"A Bible that is falling apart should be rebound."

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Rochelle said...

My Bible is a paperback. I use clear book tape to mend it.