Saturday, June 24, 2017

Going Backwards, Moving Forward

Lately, I've been moving forward by going backwards.
What do I mean by that?
Years ago, before there was an Internet, before I had a computer, I wrote something every day.  Sometimes it was
a poem, (although I don't write much poetry these days; the poem I used in my AU Waltons prequel is one I had written
a long time ago.) sometimes a story, or part of a story, and sometimes just an idea for something to write later.
But for some time now, I was just writing on and off, and, unfortunately, mostly off.
But then I decided to quit being lazy... yes, LAZY... as a writer,
and get back to work.
Now, I work on my fan fiction every day.  Some days, it's a new story, a new chapter in an in-progress story, or just a few lines in a fic I'm working.  Some days, it's just a few new ideas to be developed in the future.  Some days, it's a few changes to an already published fic.  And quite often, I do several of these things... new story, new chapter, several lines, new idea, changes... in one day.

"Not a day without a line."

I feel most like me when I write.

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