Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Signature Piece

Lately, I've been reading about signature pieces, signature accessories.

One's signature piece or accessory can be anything, absolutely
 anything.  For some, it is a color, or even a  particular shade of that color.  For others, it might be a pattern, such as stripes, or checks, or polka dots.

 Or it  might be a certain fragrance.  Mrs. Ray, in the
Betsy-Tacy books, always wore violet perfume. I don't think I could smell violet perfume without thinking of Mrs. Ray.

 On the other hand, a signature piece can be just one
accessory.  Not one type of accessory, but one accessory, and this, too can be anything, absolutely anything.  Perhaps a string of beads, or a pendant, or a hat, or a hairband, or a bracelet, or a scarf, or.. (you can finish the list with anything and everything that comes to your mind.)

Well, I decided that I wanted a signature piece of my own. Specifically, I wanted a pendant.  I shopped online in search of one, but I couldn't find one that I both liked and could afford.

So what did I do?  I made a pendant out of the blue plastic aquarium plant frond in my Break-Off Collection, and a trimmed rose-pink former shoe lace. I still consider that frond to be part of my collection, but now it is also a functional piece.

My signature piece.

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