Friday, April 28, 2017

A Virtual Club

    I recently discovered this book  on

These are excerpts from the Introduction:
"Imagine that you could share coffee with a collection of history's greatest women...
This book convenes such a club."
"Each club meeting centers around a particular topic of interest,
as members engage in dialogue across time and space.  You are invited to listen in."
"[I]magine that you, too, are a participant in the dialogue."
"[P]ull up a chair, make yourself comfortable; and, welcome to the club!"

Well, anyone familiar with this blog knows how I feel about clubs!  Also, I like the compiler's originality in not calling this book something like "Quotes (or Quotations) From Great Women."

I knew that this was a book I wanted to own, but before I ordered it, there is one thing I made sure of. Margaret Sanger, whom some people unfortunately consider to have been a great woman, is NOT a "member" of the Great Women's Coffee Club.

So how do I use this book in such a way that it is, for me at least, a virtual club, and not just another collection of quotations?
"Meetings" are held on the third Tuesday of each month,
at 11:00 AM, with coffee, of course.
I sit on the opposite end of the couch from where I normally sit.
I imagine myself responding to at least some of the quotes in the book.

So far, I'm enjoying this "club" very much.

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