Saturday, March 18, 2017

Announcing A Name-Change

So, am I changing the name of this blog?
Then is it my own name I'm changing?
Again, nope!
Well, what about the cat's name?
Actually, I already changed it when we first got him.  Winky's original name was Mr. Winkler, but it didn't sound like the right sort of name for a cat.
However, I did not want to call him Henry, for two reasons.
1: It wasn't close enough to his then-current name, and might
have confused him.
2: There was a character named Henry on As The World Turns,
and I tend to talk to... or yell at... the characters on my soaps.
(And I know I'm not the only one who does that! For example, my Baba did it all the time. As for Mom... somehow the soap-viewing gene passed her by.)
Okay.  Enough rambling.  Enough digressing.
What I'm changing is the name of one of my collections. Henceforth, my Break-Off Collection shall be known as my
Detachments Collection.
[The preceding announcement could have been quite easily expressed in one sentence.]

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