Saturday, February 18, 2017

Retro TV Viewing

I've gone retro in my tv watching...  and I'm not talking about the programs.  I'm talking about the way I watch television now.
It all started when my cable and my Internet went out.  When I tried to access a website... any website... I got this message:
"Please Call 
We are unable to connect you to your  service 
due to an issue related to your account. 
To get your service up and running again, 
please call"

(I've removed the name of the provider as a precaution.)

Kathryn and Paul own the attached house I live in, and my cable and Internet are included in my rent, so the bill comes to their house.  (They live a few blocks away.)  Kathryn called the company and got ALMOST everything straightened out.
The "issue" was that a neighbor changed providers, and the company accidentally shut my service off as well! And this isn't the first time that has happened.  GRRRRRR!!!!
So what WASN'T straightened out?  Well, when I tried to access my DVR, I got a NOT AUTHORIZED message.  Kathryn spent a good long time on the phone, trying to get it fixed.
She messaged me that the company had sent a software update to my tv.  Still no DVR.  Kathryn told me to turn off the cable box, wait five minutes, and then turn it on again.
Well, the only way to do that was to UNPLUG it... and when I did, the wire fell behind the dresser... and I had to pick it up again.
But did I get my DVR back? EN- OH, NO.  So I messaged Kathryn, "Maybe the best thing would be to cancel DVR.  We can always order it again, right?"
She messaged back, "Yes."
So that is what we're doing.
And that's why I've gone retro in my tv watching.  I know I said that I wasn't talking about the programs, but that's not 100% accurate.  I will be watching some of the old shows.
So I guess you could say I'm gone DOUBLE retro in my TV viewing.

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Rochelle said...

My DVR is back... with all the programs and movies I had on it.