Saturday, January 21, 2017

Things That Drive Me Crazy

This is a more-or-less random list of things that drive me crazy, bonkers, nuts.  Some are more serious than others.

1: Hearing or reading about acts of cruelty to children, the elderly, the disabled, or animals.  This makes me furious, but, even more than that, it makes me sad.  Sad for the victims.  Sad for the abusers.

2: Potty-mouth parents who can't figure out where their kids pick up that language.

3: (Closely connected to the above)  Seeing the f-word in a children's book. I came across it once, years ago, and that is all I remember about the book.  I don't even remember the title or the author.

4: Reading a book and finding that there are pages missing.

5:  Having to type this list standing up because my cat, Winky, is asleep on the chair.

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