Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Bible-Reading System That Works For Me

After some trial-and-error... mostly error... I've finally found a Bible-reading system that works for me.

First of all, here are the things that I'm not doing this time around:
1: I'm not trying to read the entire Bible within a set time period.
2: I'm not reading the Bible from cover to cover.
3: I'm not following a prescribed reading list, program, or chart.

This is what I am doing:

1: I'm reading the Bible by type of book. Right now I'm doing St. Paul's Epistles (I'm reading Romans at this time; next will come 1st Corinthians.)
2: In addition to reading the Bible by type of book, I'm reading 
the Psalms, about 1/2 column a day.  And before I go to bed at night, I select and read a Gospel passage.
3: I'm using four translations.  They are, in alphabetical order:
The Contemporary English Version
The Good News Bible
The New American Bible
The Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition
these Bibles are side-by-side in a large red shoe box.

I find that using several translations gives me a deeper understanding of, and insight into, the Scriptures, and also makes me think more about what I'm reading, and how it relates to me personally.

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Rochelle said...

I've found that I'm better off sticking to just ONE translation... the RSV-CE.