Saturday, October 1, 2016

Books Read In The Past Week

Books read for the first time are marked with a #
Books are listed by author (or series creator),
 and not necessarily in the order read.

"An Old-Fashioned Girl"
by Louisa May Alcott

"Mother Angelica's Private
and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures" #
introduced and edited by Raymond Arroyo
reserved for Sunday

"Reproachfully Yours"
by Lucile Hasley
reserved for Sunday

"A Big Year For Lily"
"A Surprise For Lily"
by Mary Ann Kinsinger
and Suzanne Woods Fisher
[children's fiction, Amish]

"The Go-Getter" #
by Peter B. Kyne
[fiction (novella) ]
(free Kindle book)
quick read

"The Woman's Club: A Practical Guide and Hand-book"
by Olive Thorne Miller
(free online book)
published in 1891

"Class-ified Information: Yaffa"
"Class-ified Information: Goldie"
by M. C. Millman
[children's/young teen fiction, Jewish, series]
These are companion volumes, with each book
covering the same school year from the viewpoint
of a different girl, and can be read in any order.

"Every Day Is A Gift
Minute Meditations for Every Day
Taken From the Holy Bible
and the Writings of the Saints"
Introduction by Rev. Frederick Schroeder 
 daily devotional reading for 2016

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