Sunday, September 13, 2015


I've started several posts in the past hour, but somehow not ONE of them seems right.
But I said that I would post SOMETHING every day, either here or on
I did get an idea for a fic; I've jotted it down in my Plot Bunny Hutch.  However, it
probably won't get written right away; I'm juggling too many fics, both ongoing and
in the planning stage, as it is. Incidentally, the word Juggling will be in the title of that fic!
Notice that I said PROBABLY; it could very well get written tomorrow!
As for the posts I've started, with a little work I should be able to make something out of them.
So I'm set for most of the week!
Funny... I thought this would be a post about not being able to post, but it turned out to be
just a post!

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