Friday, July 3, 2015

Another Post About Hats

I recently blogged about a hat I used to have, and one I'd just ordered.  Well, the new hat came a month later, from Malaysia.
I had no idea that it was going to come from there.
The hat arrived, not in a box, but in what looked like a trash bag.   In fact, I thought at first that it was a trash bag that had blown onto my porch.
As for the hat itself, it was wrinkled and creased.  I did manage to smooth out the wrinkles and creases, but it took awhile.  
Once the wrinkles and creases were gone, or, rather, ALMOST
gone, I put the applique sunflower I had in reserve on the front.
It turned out that one wasn't enough, so I ordered two more.
Now, was the hat shapeable?  Yes, but not very!  It didn't retain
the shapes I put it in for very long, and it soon began to look like a very old, battered hat.  Thank God it didn't cost too much!
I put the hat on a shelf with several other old hats.  And then I took down one I didn't remember having bought.  It's a straw bonnet, light tan or beige, rim longer in front, with red trim all
around the edges, and two holes on the sides where there used to be strings.  I think this hat originally belonged to Mom!
I transferred the sunflower to the front of this hat (on the crown), and added the two new ones when they arrived.
I wanted to do something about the holes, so I ordered these

They were described as adhesive, but the adhesive part only covered a small portion, and was adhesive for about one minute!  And the leaves came off as well!
So what did I do?  I attached a single cherry to two cherries (it took a bit of twisting!), and then I pushed the stem part through the hole, so that the cherries and part of the stem were on the outside.  It looked good, so I did the same with another set of two cherries and one single cherry.
So now I have a nice, cheerful-looking hat.
The cherries will be on it permanently, but I still plan to change the trimmings on the front every few months.
I'm really happy with my newly-trimmed hat.. and yet, I must admit that I still miss the shapeable hat that was lost when I moved.

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Rochelle said...

Update: The single cherries did not stay attached to the double cherries, so now
it has just the doubles. Also, I removed one of the sunflowers, so now my hat
has only two.. and it looks much better.