Saturday, March 14, 2015

There Has ALWAYS been Home Entertainment

These days, most of us... myself included.... tend to think of home entertainment as something we can access only through
electronic devices.  We must turn on the radio, the CD player, the TV, the computer in order to find entertainment.
Now, I'm not disparaging this in any way; that would be very
hypocritical of me since I make extensive use of these devices.
But I do say that home entertainment existed long before there
were any electronic devices, long before there was electricity.

Someone would play an instrument while the family sang and/or danced.   Think of Pa playing his fiddle in the "Little House" books.  Think of Julia, and, later, Betsy, playing the piano in
the "Betsy-Tacy" books.  (I have a recording on my computer
of some of the songs from those books.)
Parents and grandparents told stories, sometimes over and over, and nobody got tired of hearing them.
Some families had a ventriloquist who provided great amusement.  Some had at least one member who could
do bird calls.
There were no movies then, but there was a form of "animation"... shadow pictures.
Some families were fond of playing Charades.

And yes, I'm sure that there are families who still enjoy entertaining themselves, entertaining each other.  And they
need not miss out on any tv shows in order to do so... after
all, one of the greatest electronic devices we have these days
is the DVR.

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