Saturday, January 17, 2015

WARNING: Very disturbing news article

This is one of the most disturbing reports I've ever seen.
I'm praying that the witnesses to this horrific crime won't be
traumatized for life; and I'm praying the same thing for the
officers who responded.  I can't imagine any training that could 
steel them to something like this.
I've also been trying to pray for the woman who did this, because she needs to be prayed for.  But.... it isn't easy.
The only one who doesn't need any prayers is that sweet, innocent baby... she died.

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Moonshadow said...

It is disturbing.

My husband read this aloud to me this morning while we watched our children take their tennis lessons. We both follow our county Fire Police & EMS Facebook page which sometimes shares crime news from the nearby counties. But this seems to be national news now. Pemberton is extremely rural, esp. by NJ standards, but there is a rather large housing development in the vicinity. Presumably the woman lived there.