Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fan Fiction: How I Got Started

Regular readers of this blog (sidenote: It is so pleasant to think of having regular readers; thanks for your interest and support!) know that I love to write fan fiction.
So how did I get started?
It all began with a message I posted on a now most unfortunately defunct AOL message board. (I miss the friends
I made on that board!)  That message got some very positive responses, and encouraged me to start writing fanfic.  I'm thankful that I copied and saved that post; I wish I'd saved the
comments as well.
Okay. Enough of an intro.  Now, without further ado (adieu
to the ado!) here is that post!

If ANOTHER WORLD Were Still On The Air

Here is one storyline that might be going on. Grant has returned, alive and well (remember the last episode!) and somehow, he is still the mayor. However, he has been convicted of a crime, and is behind bars (now there's a pleasant thought) But then, Joe comes across evidence which proves that Grant was framed, and evidence which would have cleared him was Josie. Joe calls Josie into his office and questions her. Josie admits what she did, excusing herself on the grounds that it was poetic justice. Joe, of course, doesn't buy that for a second. He tells Josie that he has to get Grant released. Josie asks if her name can be kept out of it.

Joe answers, "No, Josie, because that would bring this entire department under suspicion. Now, I'm going to the D.A. and then I'm going to Internal Affairs. And I want you to stay here and wait for me, and, Josie,I want you to do some serious thinking," 

Grant demands that Josie be punished (no surprise there)

Joe: She will be disciplined, but her punishment won't be any more severe because you are the mayor.

Grant: Well, it certainly should be!

Joe: But it also won't be any less severe because of my personal feelings towards you.

Joe and Josie return to the 2-3. Joe takes Josie into his office.

Joe: Do you understand why what you did was wrong? You are an officer of the law, and you not only framed a man for a crime he did not commit, but you also let the real perpetrator walk.

Josie: I never thought of it that way.

Joe: And one more thing I want you to think about. When you framed Grant, who were you acting like?

Josie:(small voice) Grant. You're right, Joe, what I did was wrong.

Joe: And you understand I have to punish you.

Josie: Yes, sir.

Joe: All right. I'm suspending you without pay and placing you under house arrest for one week. You'll serve you time in the guest room at my house.

Josie: I don't mind that so much, with Gary out of town. But do I have to stay in the bedroom the whole time?

Joe: Except for meals, yes. And you will be allowed to sit on the porch for a half hour every day.

Josie: Are you telling me I'm grounded?

Joe: You could say that. What is house arrest, if it isn't just grounding for adults? And I want you to understand something.

Josie: What?

Joe: I'm doing this for your own good, because a good cop like you shouldn't have done what you did.

Josie: You still think I'm a good cop?

Joe: Yes, most of the time. Now, I'll need your shield and your weapon. (Josie hands them over and starts blinking back tears) Look, it's only for a week. If Internal Affairs had their way, you would have been demoted way down.

Josie: Like they did to Gary.

Joe: Exactly. You'll get these back this time next week.

They go to the Carlino home, and Josie begins doing her time.

Meanwhile, Remy and Nick are engaged. Dante is in kindergarten, and he loves it. Paulina recently gave birth to another son. They named him Ryan Gabriel.


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Anonymous said...

I used to write Fanfic as well. I was a devoted member of The X Files fandom for years.

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What was your username?