Saturday, December 14, 2013

At It Again!

Every little (or not so little!) while, I get ambitious and decide to do some studying.  Not that
it is NECESSARY, but simply to keep my mind just that much more occupied.  Well, as the
title of this post says, I'm at it again!
So what am I studying at this time?

Social Studies/History
American Colonial period

English Grammar
(always a favorite subject of mine)

Elementary Algebra

Science and Nature

Foreign Languages
(I studied French in high school,
but I'd like to refresh my memory
and then advance.)
(classical Latin)

English Literature
"Pride and Prejudice"
(a complete list of the books
I'm using may be found at the
end of my book list.)

I know that this seems like a long list, but I'm being
careful not to overdo it.  I'm spreading my studies
out over the course of each day, and allowing
myself long breaks between subjects.


Rochelle said...

So what happens? My computer goes nuts and has to be repaired. So much for getting any studying done.
But I do plan to get back to it.

Rochelle said...

Yes, I've gotten back to my studies, but I'm still being careful not to overdo it